Woman’s Pink Shave $1 Offer

Woman’s Pink Shave $1 Offer
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Shaving… it’s a necessary evil for every woman I know. Legs, armpits… and the bikini area. That’s the worst. And because I have very sensitive skin, making sure I have a fresh, clean, and high-quality razor is an absolute must. Pink Shave is the answer! Read the Pink Shave Review.

For years, I would seek out coupons for the “best” razors on the market. I didn’t care if they were pink, green, or blue—I just wanted the savings because they’re so darn expensive! (As a side note, have you ever noticed how much more expensive the pink and purple versions are?!)

The refills alone cost up to $20 for a four-pack. Why? Don’t they know that people NEED quality razors? (I guess that explains why they’re so expensive—they can get away with it.)

And I don’t know about you, but I never remember to pick up my razors when I’m grabbing everything else I need, so I have to make a special trip. Or I’d remember, but forget my coupon at home… (Hey, I need that 15% off!) And why, please tell me, do they keep the razors behind a locked glass cabinet, so you have to wait for the friendly (or sometimes not so friendly) store employee to grab them for you? What a huge hassle for everyone involved.


Pink Shave Contents

I was ready to say goodbye to the 13 billion dollar shaving industry for good! But I still needed to shave…

I had heard about shave clubs but was always afraid. Would I get stuck on a plan when I wasn’t happy? Would the razors be as good as those I was buying at the store? Would they provide a good shaving experience, or would they trash my sensitive skin?

I was expressing my fears to my best friend over a glass of wine when she started telling me about pinkshave.com. I tried to tell her there’s no difference between pink and blue razors when she stopped me. “Maybe other companies make them all the same,” she said, “but these blades are perfect for our delicate skin.”

“Okay,” I said. “I’m curious. Tell me more.”

She said it’s super easy to sign up, and you can pause or adjust your order any time you need, and you can even personalize your order, every month, so you get exactly what you need and only what you need. (But that they also had some other beauty supplies that were pretty fantastic.)

So I pulled out my phone, right there, typed in the site, and looked at the three easy steps to set up my “pink shave” subscription.

What I ordered

I was immediately impressed with how easy the site is to use and how good the actual razors looked. With 3 and 5 blade options that are both designed with a pivot head and a moisturizing strip. Plus, I could get a “Bump Serum” to help prevent irritation and ingrown hairs for my sensitive skin. (My friend mentioned it was amazing stuff.)

I asked again if she really, really liked these razors. She laughed and told me to just give it a shot. What did I have to lose? Then I noticed the 50% off on my first shave plan. (Did I mention how much I love saving money?)

It was only a few days before I received everything. Talk about fast service!

What’s in the boxPink Shave Razor

Here’s what I found in the box:

  • Razor blades with the highest quality, sharp, durable stainless steel blades.
  • Pink Shave Cream with an incredibly soothing, moisturizing botanical blend.
  • And the best women’s aftershave I’ve ever tried that was specially formulated to protect my sensitive skin and prevent the all-too-common razor bumps.

In short, everything I needed for the perfect shave!



It’s been a month now, and I’m loving my soft, clean-shaven skin. Plus, I’m already set with next order. No more last-minute drugstore dashes. No more forgotten coupons and banging my head on the steering wheel in the parking lot. Just simple, effective products that work for a very affordable price (under $10 each!).

Perhaps best of all, there’s no commitment. If I go on vacation or decide to quit shaving over the winter (not really, but it’s a nice thought sometimes), I can cancel, pause, or adjust my order. And if not, I get my shaving essentials delivered straight to my door, and I save money every month!


Your ultimate shave experience awaits! Visit PinkShave.com and get your first shipment for Free. Join today!

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